• BRANT - n. "Web Rant, usually written by angry middle aged men." (Some material may not be suitable for younger audiences - viewer discretion advised)
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http://ow.ly/i/djrr Six Pack Abs – I kno

Six Pack Abs – I know they exist. They aren’t a myth, and I’ve seen them in real life once or twice before. However, I’m going to throw down a little BRANT (web rant) about this idea that we should all have six pack abs. I’m calling bullisht. (not a typo – lets get that started.)
My problem is, it’s like if a guy doesn’t have a six pack, they aren’t able to take their shirt off anymore? You know, the classic guys did not have six packs. McQueen and Sinatra and John Wayne wouldn’t have even known what that was! But besides that, it’s not a natural condition for us to have so little bodyfat that our muscles show that defined. It’s not healthy for our body and our organs.
I’ll be the first to say that my bodyfat is not where it should be, but I don’t think my expectation should be to become like Channing Tatum. And this goes for ladies as well. There’s no way a healthy girl should aspire to look like a model, or even like Jennifer Aniston when they’re 40. It’s a ridiculous notion.
Here’s why – we have 24 hours a day. We should sleep at least 8 of those to be healthy, and work 8 of them to be solvent. That leaves 8. If we should read an hour, travel an hour, eat an hour, bathe and clean an hour, and maybe do something you enjoy (also healthy) for an hour, what does that leave? Three hours of your day? I would say it would be better to exercise for an hour, and spend the rest of the time with loved ones, or doing things to improve your mind instead of your body. If you’ve got six pack abs, you’ve got a serious time commitment going on there underneath your shirt. That’s great for you, but what it says to me is that you’re deficient somewhere else in your life. I’ll lose weight. But I won’t lose my life in the process.

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