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Minivans of the world UNITE! When summer

Minivans of the world UNITE!
When summer rolls around, you tend to see a lot more motorcycle enthusiasts on the road. This is to be understood, as I find the temperature duing winter unacceptable without 60 mile an hour wind rushing toward me. So, once the winter and rain have gone, the bikes come out in force.
I love motorcycles, but don’t have the pleasure of owning one myself. One thing I notice and think is cool about cyclists is their solidarity. These guys (and gals) have some unwritten rule that if you pass another motorcyclist, you have to wave at them. This probably becomes a bit tedious when the hells angels roll by you, and they are 100 bike strong. That’s a lot of waving. And you don’t want to slight those guys anyway.
I notice if a guy has his mama on the back of a bike, it’s often the ladies job to do the wavin I feel bad for those poor bastards with no lady on the back. They’ve got to pull double duty.
Well, I want in the club. But of course, I don’t have a bike. So I’ll make my own club.
The reason bikers do that is solidarity. They feel they are in an elite class – the 1% (or whatever number – I’m no good at math) of the population that is wild, rebel, free…
I know another percentage of the population who are just as badass. They are a group of wild folk who are brave enough to tackle the scariest monster of all – two year olds.
I’m talking about minivan-ers. These wild cowboys of the road aren’t afraid of the cliche that comes with the van. They are embracing their parenthood head on, often with a KORN sticker on the back, or blaring Snoop Dogg from the less than dynamic bass speaker system. I think we need to start the waving tradition with those of us who didn’t fall into the “well, I’m a parent, but I’m not going to get a minivan. I’m getting an SUV instead, because they’re cooler” trap. Minivans are here to stay mother truckers! Deal with it!

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