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Hammer Time! The #hammer – not just #Nat

Hammer Time!
The #hammer – not just #NathanFillian s junk. It’s got to be one of the first inventions ever. The guy who though it up was probably the most popular brain in the cave. Of course, once he thought it up, it wasn’t hard to duplicate. It’s two parts – a swingy thing to swing and hold onto, and a hitty thing to hit things with. Once the caveman came up with it, he had a million copycats, probably some who thought they could do it even better. “oh yea, you might have thought up the smashy thing, but MY smashy thing is made of leaves, so it’s soft! (That was the first rubber mallet)
The hammer is awesome in simplicity. And what is really funny, is that there have been no advances in hammer technology almost since it’s inception. Of course, the introduction oof metal helped – materials have changed. They did introduce the cool claw end, with the introducation of nails (there’s that metal thing again), but the overall design (handle, head) hasn’t changed.
This, to me, shows an important lesson. Sometimes things are as good as they’re gonna get. Sometimes simplicity is efficiency and perfection combined. That is the hammer.

(on a side note, it’s awesome to watch the kids use the hammer for the first time. We got a little one for the boy from Lowes, and he loves to hammer stuff in. Taking out is a whole other story. That part’s not so fun. I’m so proud. I can’t wait until he gets his first smashed thumb!)

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