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It’s all Plastics

With all the information coming at us now -and all that information contradicting itself- what’s a guy to do? Who’s he supposed to listen to?
The big problem is, really, that in our society today we don’t have the TIME to figure out who’s right. It takes research and time to think about what information we read/see/hear is the real deal or not. And we most certainly don’t have the time in our lives. I barely have time to take a poop. Usually it’s a hurried one, and I go away unsatisfied.
It’s like politics. How many of us research and look through the booklets they send out, and go to the websites and look at all the positions of each candidate, and read the bills all the way through? We MAY read the synopsis, but we almost NEVER read the whole law before we vote on it. We just don’t have TIME to be informed.
So, more and more, we go with our gut. Our intution. So, with the advent of a modern society, we’re moving back to our instinctual roots.
That’s a tangent. What I’m talking about today is PLASTICS.
Are plastics okay? Or are they the biggest problem the world has faced? I see commercials that tell me that plastic is awesome. And I don’t think we’d have gone to the moon without plastic (although…what has that done for me lately?). But can we eat off it? Can we eat all foods, or maybe just solids and not liquids. Maybe just not HOT liquids. Maybe it’s just CERTAIN plastics.
My wife says I can’t reheat leftovers if they’re in styrofoam. I also can’t make oatmeal in a plastic bowl anymore.
I’ll just go with my gut. And my gut says things taste just a little sweeter with a glaze of plastic. It’s the way my daddy did things. And I’m not changing now. Viva la plastics!
(Just kidding. Plastics are good for everything, but not so much for eating food off of. We should probably avoid it. When convenient. Or whatever.)

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