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Poopers, Porta potties, Honey Buckets

I love the term “honey bucket”. It’s somehow both apt and completely contradictory. Is the honey the stuff in the bowl? Or is it the sweet smell?

I had occasion to frequent some honeybuckets lately.

When traveling or going to any sort of fun venue where there’ll be a lot of people, you’ll inevitably have to use a porta-potty. Which means you’re gonna have to see a little shit if you want to have some fun.

I was at a camping location with “honey buckets” for a few days, and I was impressed with how much better they are now than they used to be. It was kindof clean, and smelled nice, and they had hand sanitizer. However, after three days, they were literally just piled high with crap. You’d come in and, surprisingly, they’d still smell pretty decent. Someone had obviously in the last 10 years figured out how to contradict the smell problem.

However, the visual was a different story. When a pile of human feces is staring you in the face, literally 2 feet away from you (and only about 5 inches away after you sit down), it’s a little disconcerting. I started putting toilet paper over it, tossing it into the bowl like a fluttering blanket onto the ground, just so I didn’t have to see it.

So please, honey bucket people! I implore you! fix the visual problem and I will be on board with the porta potty! What if you included sawdust to dump on your dump after you dump it? That would help make it into compost even! We could revolutionize the industry!

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  1. Too few people doo a post on doo doo. You dood a funny ” job” here. Always remember to bring TP doo. Thanks visit my blog.

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