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TV and the Brain Rot

We’ve always been taught that TV will rot your brain, but I don’t believe that is always the case.  I think there’s a lot that TV and movies can teach you.  I’ll bet the parents back in merry old england thought that Shakespeare would rot the brain too (maybe it does…who knows?)

Top 4 things I learned this week from TV and Movies:

1 – I watched the movie “the Help” – it taught me to not be a coward.  The ladies in that movie were pretty much all a bunch of scaredy cats.  They all bowed down to this one girl who told them all what to do – which was basically to demean their maids.  Of course, the plucky maids fought back, and the crap flew.  So if you don’t want crap to get thrown in your face – don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.  Also, that redhead from “Easy A” is better looking in modern times.

2- Don’t poke a sleeping zombie (Walking Dead)

3- Don’t poke someone who may be a man (Crying Game)

4- No matter what your age, you’ll always be a 20 year old at heart (Midnight in Paris).  Woody Allen is basically creating the same characters and situations he’s been talking about since Annie Hall – Whiny self depreciating guy, who makes current and insightful comments about our times a la Seinfeld (but not as funny as Jerry) and usually finds a better girlfriend in the end (because he’s REALLY in love with this one, he was only kindof in love with the last one).  The guy is pushing 100 and he still thinks only of the same stuff he’s been obsessed with his whole life.  You’d think his characters would be trolling for tail in nursing homes by now, but no….

See kids?  TV tells you a lot about life!  My resolution for this week is to try and not wallow in the past like Woody Allen.  And don’t poke things.

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