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Back Pain

It’s one of the great tragedies of our time that when you exercise and lift weights, sometimes you end up injuring yourself MORE.

I’ve really started working out harder this new year (2012 baby!  Go big or go to the Apocalypse!)  But now I’ve popped my back trying to do these Kettle Bell Swings, and I feel like it’s a little unfair.  I would have been just fine, injury free, if I would have stayed on the couch.

But for all you warriors out there, here are a few hints for alleviating back pain.  It’s lewie’s top 4, official, not so scientific rules for beating the pain in your back (side?).

1 – Intercourse.

2 – Try rubbing it with your hand.  This seems to work for 1-2 seconds.  Repeat as needed.  This has actually worked for me.  Number one has never actually worked.  But it does alleviate the pain for 1-2 seconds.  But I can’t repeat as needed on that one.

3 – Yell at your wife.  It’s probably her fault, right?  Not really.  Yell at your mailman instead.  It’s definitely his fault.

4 – Watch TV.  With a heating pad and ice alternately.  And pain medication.  And a back brace.  Eat wings.  This one has worked the best of all.

Be safe out there!

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