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Handle your business

I hate to admit it, but I watch a little reality tv once in awhile.  And one of those networks with reality TV that tends to have some boobs in it is MTV.

So, when I heard there was an MMA reality show on mtv, I thought it might be great.  Boobs and fighting.  That’s almost televised jello wrestling.

But, the shows not that great.  I’d still watch it, but that’s because I have a compulsion to finish what I started.  But for you, it’s really not worth your time.

One thing, however, struck me.  Why is it that these guys are fighting?

They’re not going pro.  This is obvious.  The only thing they might get would be some tabloid money to take pictures of their babies or mug shots.  But they’re putting everything into MMA fighting, forsaking all other things.

This one character, Wes, seems particularly going nowhere.  And on top of it, he’s got a kid with a baby mamma, and he’s talking about how he can’t spend time with his son because “I’ve got to always be training.”  And he’s annoyed that the girl thinks he should make some time for his kid.  CRAZY!

If you don’t have time for your kid, you don’t have time for a hobby.  Your son has become your hobby.  You should enjoy yourself in your life, but not at the expense of the child you brought into this world.

Handle your shit, man!

Lewie out.


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