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Cats are mating outside my door

Have you ever heard a cat have sex?  It’s annoying.  Just watch them sometimes – it’s a little too aggressive, you feel like you should be intervening but you know it’s none of your business…they act like they’re in pain half the time.  Okay, so it’s not much different from my love life, but I digress.

Actually, it reminds me of something else – town kids.

The other day I looked outside my door and there were three cats.  One was a female, and the other was mounting her (male?).  The third was a young cat, probably the kitten of the female, just laying there.  Sometimes the kitten would play or bat at it’s mom’s tail while she was violated.  There was a lot of screaming. It was painful and sad to watch.  Lifetime could have done a special on it.

Not two days before that, I heard a commotion outside around 9:30 or 10:00.  It was a group of middle school kids hanging out on the sidewalk.  There was a lot of screaming.  They looked terrible.  One girl kept getting attacked (while she laughed) by a boy, while another girl just languidly watched, bored.  It was the street cats all over again.

We have too many cats wandering in our neighborhood.  And there’s too many kids without homes to hang out in.  This is an epidemic I tell you!  Maybe we should be neutering more street punks? Just kidding.  Or am I?

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