• BRANT - n. "Web Rant, usually written by angry middle aged men." (Some material may not be suitable for younger audiences - viewer discretion advised)
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Change Minds Change Worlds

Listen up ass clowns!  I’m tired of the hypocrisy.  I’m tired of the prejudice.  I’m tired of having to use public restrooms.

We need an age of enlightenment.  We need a renaissance.  We need new thinking.

Look, we’re still wasting time talking about gay marriage and comparing it to bestiality?   “If we allow gay marriage, who knows what will happen next?  People will want to allow other types of marriage…”  Come on!  Two people – PEOPLE – of consenting age are in love.  Let them get married.  Believe me, they’ll probably regret it later.  But we shouldn’t stop them!  That’s old thinking!

Some think that it’s our declining “morals” that will be our downfall, like the Roman empire or something.  I question their definition of morals.  Immoral is treating people badly.  Immoral is not sex.  Sex is moral.  Sex is good.  Sex is blessed.  prejudice and fear and anger is immoral.  New thinking people!

So, get to it.  I’m not smart enough to revolutionize the world, but I’m enthusiastic enough to tell others to do it.  Can you invent a new way to wipe our backsides first (and don’t tell me the bidet – think harder).

Also, segregated locker rooms and bras.  Let’s get rid of those too.  Old thinking.  Lewie out.

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