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Spring is Sprung

Sorry to all my followers – I took a needed spring break.

I did it up right this spring break!  I did not, however, chase coeds in bikinis and shotgun beers.  That might have been fun, but it’s not my life now.  But it’s still a blast!


This spring break I, in no particular order, got blotto drunk and made out, sat outside and read a book for hours, went for a bike ride with the kids, talked for hours with a friend, watched all of season one of “Game of Thrones”, didn’t write one blog, laughed at something ridiculous the kids did, made love to my wife (pretty well I might add), and got a new tattoo.  And I might have drank a few beers in my off time.


I have to say, my 30’s are pretty fun.  Maybe I’m setting the bar too low, but I really think this is the life.


The problem with the 20’s is there is a frenetic pace to the whole thing.  Like we have to get as much partying in as possible because it will be all over soon.  I know I got more wasted during 4 years of college than I have in the last 10 years after.  But it’s better, because now I REMEMBER the asses I rubbed up against while we’re drinking and dancing.  Before it was all a blur.  And I want to remember those asses!


But now the break is over.  Back to the grind.  But there’s still the weekend to look forward to!  Dirty 30 continues!

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