• BRANT - n. "Web Rant, usually written by angry middle aged men." (Some material may not be suitable for younger audiences - viewer discretion advised)
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Novel – Bikini Barista

Esther Johannsen (Jo) is a mild mannered college student, trying to muddle through without dropping out or dying of boredom. She’s an anthropology major with a love of museums and a minor in Pabst Blue Ribbon. The only thing she really loves is her job – she is a barista at the “Perky Cups” drive through coffee stand. Things are going great, until the day she gets arrested for drug trafficing and possession of methamphetamine. Now she has a court ordered 90 days until her trial, and she’s going to use every one to figure out what’s going on at the bikini barista shop…

Chapter Two – Click HERE– where Jo learns the hard knock lessons of prison 🙂

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