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Kids these days

Kids these days just don’t know how good they have it.
Back in my day, things were different.
Kids today need to learn the value of x, y, and/or z.

We all know the cliche’s, because about 20 to 40 years ago they were directed at us.  It’s the old “I had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to school” thing.  Parents and “grown ups” think that the way it was before was INFINITELY better than the way it is now, and that kids just “don’t get it”.

But this time, we’re right.

Kids today – in general – are a bunch of whiners and crybabies.  Believe me, I’ve tried to convince my kids that they don’t NEED all the stuff their friends stupid parents are giving them (seriously, an Xbox for a 5 year old for his birthday?  A motorcycle for a 7 year old – and then a bunch of other gifts on top of that?  If I ever got anything that was over $500, that would count for all holidays all year)

It’s hard to teach discipline and hard work when they see their friends reaping massive benefits by doing nothing.  My kids are starting to plot their escape.  When the tooth fairy only gives a dollar at their house, but if they went to Johnnys house they’d get 10 – the course is clear.  I’ve seen the rope made of sheets tied together they have hid under their bed, and the 5 days of provisions they have in a backpack ready to go.  The breakout is coming soon, I’m sure of it.

How can we fight that?  I know they’ll thank me one day for not spoiling them, but today they have a little less perspective.

Parents?  If you say “kids these days….” – it’s probably your own fault.  Get your act together “parents these days”!  Give your kids less stuff.  I’ll thank you for it.


Spring is Sprung

Sorry to all my followers – I took a needed spring break.

I did it up right this spring break!  I did not, however, chase coeds in bikinis and shotgun beers.  That might have been fun, but it’s not my life now.  But it’s still a blast!


This spring break I, in no particular order, got blotto drunk and made out, sat outside and read a book for hours, went for a bike ride with the kids, talked for hours with a friend, watched all of season one of “Game of Thrones”, didn’t write one blog, laughed at something ridiculous the kids did, made love to my wife (pretty well I might add), and got a new tattoo.  And I might have drank a few beers in my off time.


I have to say, my 30’s are pretty fun.  Maybe I’m setting the bar too low, but I really think this is the life.


The problem with the 20’s is there is a frenetic pace to the whole thing.  Like we have to get as much partying in as possible because it will be all over soon.  I know I got more wasted during 4 years of college than I have in the last 10 years after.  But it’s better, because now I REMEMBER the asses I rubbed up against while we’re drinking and dancing.  Before it was all a blur.  And I want to remember those asses!


But now the break is over.  Back to the grind.  But there’s still the weekend to look forward to!  Dirty 30 continues!


Vacations rock.  I like them second only to vaginas.  Is there a V theme there somehow?  I’m not sure.

I like to take a vacation every chance I get.  Monthly if I can.  Daily if the boss will let me.  And of course, they’re even better if you bring a vagina along to keep you company (mine has a name of course, but I’m keeping her identity safe).

Lest the ladies think me sexist, I’m just as interested in the smile and walk and talk of my lady as I am in her vajazzle.  She’s my best friend, and a vaca isn’t a vaca without her with mei.

I took a vaca this weekend with my lady, and it was amazing.  It’s awesome how much a little leisure time makes you love you wife more, makes you love your life more, makes you love your kids more…

Some people like to say that you need to treat your whole life like a vacation.  I’ve seen books that say it’s a negative thing to look forward to the 2 weeks a year you get as a vacation.  You need to live your life as if every day is a vacation.  You need to appreciate the every day things as if they were a vacation.

I agree. You need to appreciate every day.  You can’t be miserable 350 days of the year, and happy for 15 days.  That’s stupid.  But vacations are nice too.  It’s like anything else – you need to have a balance.  But I sure love my vacation sex.  It’s like regular sex, with sprinkles on top.

Live for your every day.  And live a little more for the special days.  Thanks for a great weekend baby.  I love you.  And your vagina.